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Can't look directly: sharing female gens hormonal stimulation share economy geek


The shared girlfriend who was previously ridiculed by many netizens really came! Reports from the media said that the interest e-commerce and gender communication community listed on the New Third Board announced today the launch of the “shared girlfriend” service.

From sharing bikes to sharing charging treasures to sharing restrooms and sharing clothes, the speed of the sharing economy has exceeded people's imagination. Right now, even my girlfriend must be sharing, which is truly amazing.

Distorted "shared girlfriend"

It has to be said that sharing the name of the girlfriend has a strong marketing interest. In addition, sharing girlfriends are also associated with the hormonal economy, rubbing the edge of the ball marketing techniques, so that the sharing of the girlfriend is instantly hot. The headlines of major media are full of content related to sharing girlfriends.

In fact, the so-called "shared girlfriend" service is not a real person but a shared inflatable doll. According to his interested parties, there are currently five dolls on the line, namely Hong Kong, Russia, Greece, South Korea and Paradise Island. The dolls can also be customized for hair style, pupil color, skin color, and intelligent properties such as heating and vocalization. Buy clothing and props.

Do not disclose according to his interest, the doll used by the sharing girlfriend is different from the general inflatable doll, and the shared doll is made of solid silicone material, which is the same as the real person's height and weight, and the market price is RMB 10,000. After the user places an order, it needs to pay a deposit of 8,000 yuan. The one-day use rent is 298 yuan, three days is 698 yuan, and one week is 1298 yuan. After the payment is completed, he will deliver the product and guide the use of the product. After use, the staff will come back for free, return the deposit, and deduct the corresponding use fees.

It is not difficult to see that the nature of sharing girlfriends is a project of sharing inflatable dolls, which is very similar to the mode of sharing charging treasures. Just in marketing, sharing inflatable dolls use a more stimulating "shared girlfriend" vocabulary, which can not help but make people think about it, after all, the information related to lace children is more concerned about. From this perspective, sharing girlfriends is a severely misunderstood sharing economy project.

In recent times, a wide variety of sharing economies have appeared in people's lives, and projects such as sharing umbrellas and sharing Mazars have not been of much value to users. So, can high-profile debut and such large-scale marketing “shared girlfriends” inject a boost to the hot-sharing shared economy?

"Share Girlfriend" is a challenge

To put it bluntly, the "shared girlfriend" project that was madly transmitted by major media is a fun project. For the project of sharing dolls only, market demand is critical. Although the taste market has been in a steady growth phase in recent years, this does not mean that sharing dolls can become popular.

Since there is no official data on the sales of inflatable dolls, we cannot accurately understand the sales of domestic inflatable dolls. Based on the existing data analysis, it is known that the annual sales volume of domestic inflatable dolls has reached a scale of several billion yuan. According to an average of 10,000 yuan inflated dolls to calculate, then one year down, the country's inflatable doll sales are nothing more than 100,000. Of course, this data is only a rough estimate. Coupled with the influence of 5,000 years of culture, many men are still relatively conservative. This is an important reason why the inflatable doll market is not very high. Since the market demand for inflatable dolls is limited, sharing dolls is a difficult task.

In addition to the small market demand, prices, user privacy and hygiene are two important factors that affect the popularity of sharing dolls. As we all know, few people are happy to let the public know that they are users of inflatable dolls. The importance of protecting consumer privacy is self-evident. Regarding the issue of user privacy, his interesting staff stated that personal privacy will be protected during the booking and transportation of inflatable dolls.

In practical applications, whether he can fully protect consumer privacy still requires observation. Taking into account the intimate contact with the inflatable doll during use, the health issue becomes very acute. In order to ensure the health and safety of the inflatable dolls, there are two major measures for operation: First, the key parts of the dolls are changed every time the client moves; the other measure is that the inflatable dolls will be disinfected and sterilized through five professional cleaning procedures. On the face of it, these measures are in place but it is still unknown.

The more important point is that disease transmission is a highly sensitive topic. Once the inflated doll's hygiene treatment is not up to standard, this kind of harm is a lot of consumers worry. Although the inflatable doll platform has repeatedly stressed that it will ensure the doll's health, but consumers have the courage to share inflatable dolls with others? I am afraid it will take time to test this issue.

In fact, the high privacy of the inflatable doll itself is doomed to be not suitable for sharing. Right now, the profit-seeking capital has once again found the consumer's pain points, playing a shared inflatable doll and nicknamed "shared girlfriend." This kind of hormonal-stimulating shared economy seems to be a freak of the shared economy and interest economy.

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